Editing your Blog using Liquid Views

This article will show you how you can control the layout for your Marketplace main Blog with Liquid Views. You can use the same technique on your User generated Blog.

Editing your Blog is done using Liquid Views that have been created specifically for both the Marketplace main Blog and User generated Blogs.

You can find these Liquid Views by going to:  Admin Dash > Theme > Liquid Views

The Marketplace main Blog Liquid Views are:

The  Marketplace User generated Blog Liquid Views are:

From these individual Blog Liquid Views, you can change the layouts to edit text, add liquid tags or embed your own changes.


Let's move the tags on our main Blog page from the top of the page to the bottom of the page:

Step 1

Go to  Admin Dash > Theme > Liquid Views

Step 2

Find the Liquid View of our main Blog ( Blog > Blog Posts > Index) and click on the name

Step 3

In the *Body we would find and cut the code for the tags and then simply paste it where we want the tags to show up (in this case at the bottom of the Liquid View):