Tax Rates

Tax rates are how it all comes together. A product with a given Tax Category, being shipped to a particular Zone, will accrue tax charges based on the relevant tax rate that you create.  
To add a new Tax Rate, go to Buy/Sell > Tax Rates. Here, you can see all of your existing tax rates and edit how they are configured or delete them. To create a new tax rate, click the “New Tax Rate” button.
When creating a new tax rate you have a few items to fill out.
Name - Give your new tax rate a meaningful name (like “Taxable US Goods”, for example) 

Rate - The actual percentage amount you are charging. 8% would be expressed as .08 in this field.Zone - You’ll need to make separate tax rates for each zone you serve, per category. Suppose you have a “Clothing” tax category, and you sell to both the US and Europe. You’ll need to make two different tax rates - one for the US zone, and one for the European zone.
Tax Category - The tax category that relates to this tax rate.
Included in Price - Check this box if you have already added the cost of tax into the price of the items.