Multiple Root Categories

Multiple Root Categories allows you to create groups of category trees, which gives you more flexibility and tiers when structuring your categories for the listing form. If you have not worked with the category system before, we recommend taking a look at this article before moving on.

To set up your multiple root categories:

1) In your admin dashboard, navigate to Manage > Categories
  2) To create a new category group, first start by entering a name for that group in the field labeled 'New category group'. Note that, in order to turn on the multiple root categories function, you'll simply need to select the box labeled "Multiple root categories". Don't forget to click 'create category' when you are finished.
  3) You will be taken to the page where you can edit your category group further, and add new categories (and sub-categories) to it. In order to accomplish this, simply right click on the category group you just created (near the bottom), and then select 'add'.
You can add as many categories as you want, and as many sub-categories under those as you want. Although you can go down to as many tiers as you wish, we generally recommend stopping at around 3 tiers for a good user experience.

4) Once you have set your multiple root categories up, you will want to make sure that these are present in the listing form for your users to fill out. Although that process is outside the scope of this article, if you are unsure what to do here please take a look at our  documentation on form building.