Customizing your Vendor Dashboard

The vendor dashboard is where your customers will go to manage their listings, account details, company information, and more.

Your customers can reach their dashboard by logging in, and (assuming they have already created their first listing) selecting the drop-down at the top of the screen. There should be an option available to them to 'manage' their listings. This link will take them to their dashboard.

By default, the vendor dashboard on your marketplace includes many tabs, most of which should be relevant to your marketplace, but you may find that some aren't. From the administrative dashboard for your marketplace, you have the ability to customize the vendor dashboard layout such that you can hide individual tabs, or rename them to something more contextually relevant for your marketplace.


  1. Log in to your admin dashboard
  2. Select 'Settings' on the left, and then 'Hidden Controls'
  3. Here you will see a list that includes all tabs that come available by default with the vendor dashboard, as well as other navigation and menu items that can be hidden in other parts of your marketplace.
  4. Find the tabs that you want to hide, and select the tickbox to the right of that item.
    • Note that an unchecked box means that this tab will be visible, while a checked box means that this tab will be hidden.


  1. Log in to your admin dashboard
  2. Select Settings > Languages > Edit Keys
  3. In this form, you will find a series of items with labels that begin with: DASHBOARD.NAV - for instance:
    • DASHBOARD.NAV.ACCOUNT corresponds to the 'Edit Profile' tab
  4. Find the tab that you want to edit, and enter your new label in the field provided.
    • Note that the default label for each tab is indicated with light gray text in the field itself.
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select 'Save'