Removing Requirements on Location Information

By default, your marketplace requires that users create locations along with listings. Listings then exist as child elements against their respective location, and when users create new listings they are required to specify a location that their listing should be part of. However, depending on context, your marketplace may not need users to create locations, or locations might not make any sense for your site. For this reason, you can turn off the location requirement.

Turning off Location

In order to actually remove the requirement on locations, simply do the following:

Step 1

Go to Admin Dash > Manage > Service Types > Edit, and select Skip Location

By selecting this option, you have now turned off the requirement for locations to be included when new listings are created. However, there are a few more steps you will need to take in order to ensure that your marketplace functions properly with this option turned on.

Setting a default country and currency

Even with the location requirement turned off, your user's listings/companies will still need a country and currency in order for payment processing to work. Specifically, it is important that your user's include a company address by going to their User Dashboard > Shop Details, and filling out the Company Address field: 

To address this, you will need to set a default country and a default currency, which are then automatically applied to user's listings and company. If a listings country and currency does not match what has been configured for your payment gateway, then the credit card fields will not appear in the reservation review page, and users will be prompted to pay in cash.

Note that you can set the default currency per transactable or across the entire marketplace. If you are unsure what to do here, we recommend setting this across the entire marketplace. To do that go to  Admin Dash > Settings > Configuration and look for the options to set your default country and currency:

The Allowed Countries/Currencies options give you the ability to specify which countries or currencies are available to users when they are creating new listings or updating their company information. For instance, if you set only the United States under allowed countries, then when users update their company address they will only be able to select United Sates. Similarly, the "Default Country/Currency" option sets the user's company address and listing currency automatically to whatever is set here in the admin dashboard. 

We recommend ensure that "allowed countries" and "allowed currencies" include all countries for which you have configured your payment gateway. You should then set a default country and currency based on what you think is most likely to be set by users when they create a new account and list for the first time.

Removing Location fields from forms

Finally, you'll need to remove all location fields from your listing forms. To do this, you can follow our 

guide on form building, which outlines how to add and remove form components as well as specific fields in order to fully customize your listing forms