No Action Listings

Typically, listings have a price attached that is either fixed, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or free. However, in some cases you may simply want your marketplace to act as a listing directory, rather than a booking engine.

To configure your marketplace in this way, you can specify 'No Action' listings, which means that users can create listings but not book them. 

In order to turn this on:

1) Login to your admin dashboard, and navigate to Manage > Service Types, find the service type you would like to configure for and click 'Edit'

2) Scroll down until you find "Actions", and click the 'No Action' Tab. Then click 'Enabled'.
3) Click 'Save' in the upper right   

Now, if you navigate to a listing for this service type on your marketplace, the option to 'book' that listing will be missing.