Turn on Video for Listings

This article will walk you through the process of setting up a video field on your listing forms and surfacing that video on the listing detail page.

Part 1 - Creating the Custom Attribute for Listings

Step 1

Create a new custom attribute for in your service type (For help on how to set up a custom attribute for listings, click  HERE) by navigating to Admin Dash > Manage > Service Types and choosing Custom Attribute

Step 2

We suggest naming the attribute video

Step 3

Label can be whatever you want to show up on the front end, in this example we will use Video Preview

Step 4

Make the attribute type -  String  

Step 5

Make HTML Tag -  Input  

Step 6

Make it Public

Step 7

Add a hint or placeholder text if you want (these will just prompt users with what to paste in this field) 

Step 8

And be sure to click Save

Part 2 - Adding the Custom Attribute to your listing forms

Step 1

Once this custom attribute is created, we'll need to add it to the Listing Forms ( Admin Dash > Service Types > Form Components). Make sure to add to both initial listing form (space wizard) and the secondary listing form (transactable attributes).

Part 3 - Surfacing your Custom Attribute to the front end using a liquid tag

Step 1

You can now add the video to multiple places on the listing page. For this example we will add it below the Listing Photo in the Item Detail.  We navigate to  Admin Dash > Theme > Liquid Views and click on the appropriate liquid template, in this case Listings > Location Description. I will create a new <h2> for my video and then put the liquid tag under it. The liquid tag is {{ listing.properties.video | videoify }} (please note that you would replace video with whatever you named your custom attribute)

Final result

Vendors can now paste a YouTube URL or Vimeo URL into the custom attribute field you created on the listing forms. 

And the Listing Detail will look like