Twilio Click to Call (Set Up)

Congratulations! Now that you have upgraded to Twilio Click to Call, this article will show you how to Enable / Customize / Use this functionality.

I. Enable the functionality

Step 1

Navigate to Admin Dash > Settings > Hidden Controls and ensure that the functionality is not hidden:

Step 2

Navigate to Admin Dash > Settings > Integrations and add your Twilio Account SiD (1) Twilio Auth Token (2) and Twilio 'From' number (3)

II. Customize the Button

You can use CSS to style the button any way that you like.  Here is an example of how we added a basic button to a test marketplace using a content holder called 'Click to Call CSS':

III. Add liquid tags to Liquid View(s)

You will add the "Call Button" to your public facing pages so that can be triggered by users. For this to happen you must add a liquid tag to the appropriate liquid view. The liquid tag for the Twilio Click to Call functionality is:

{{ listing.click_to_call_button }}


Let's add the 'Click to Call' button to the listing detail page here:  

We navigate to the liquid view of that section of the listing detail page by going to Admin Dash > Theme > Liquid Views > "Listings > Administrator" and add the liquid tag and wrapper HTML:

The result - The public facing view of the listing detail view now looks like this:

IV. Customize Twilio voice recording

Step 1

Create an MP3 file of your new recording. For assistance creating an MP3, you can try the following links:

Step 2

Navigate to User Dash > Theme > File Upload and (1) add a title for your file, (2) click 'Choose File' / select your .mp3 file / choose 'ok', (3) click 'Upload File'

Step 3

Click on your newly created File (4) and copy the URL from the browser window that pops up (5)

Step 4

Finally, paste that URL into your Twilio integration attribute labeled 'Twilio Ring Tone" located in your Admin Dash > Settings > Integrations (6)

V. In action

How users will enable Twilio Click to Call functionality for their own accounts

Twilio Click to Call functionality can easily be enabled from the Users Dashboard. Both the Buyer and Seller need to have enabled, verified "Click to Call" settings for this to work. As a logged in user, go to User Dash > Account > Trust & Verification and Click "Verify".

Then "Enable Click to Call" so that it is "On"

From here, click "Verify"

The system will display a validation code on the screen and call you. Simply type in the validation code when prompted to by the system. After you do this, you will receive a validated state in your account.

If your users wish to stop using the functionality, they simply need to turn the functionality off OR they can choose to permanently turn that functionality off by Disconnecting:

The "Call Me" button will now show up for any Host/Seller that has enabled and verified their number through their User Dash AND is during the Listing's available hours. Meaning, if a listing is only available from 1pm to 4pm Monday through Wednesday, the "Call Me" button will not appear outside of those hours or days.

Additional Information

  • Make sure that the Twilio 'From' Number isn't a number belonging to a user who will be making or receiving calls as there will be issues with connection. You can purchase numbers from Twilio for a nominal fee to make sure this doesn't happen.