Adding a Custom Attribute to the Booking Review page

In this article you will learn how to (1) add a custom attribute to the booking review page and (2) surface the answer to an email.

You can ask for additional information from your buyers/guests on the Booking Review page very easily. Simply create a custom attribute in the Reservation Types area and add it to the Reservation Form.

Let's say for example my marketplace rented storage space. As the MPO, if I wanted the guests to inform the hosts what they were storing in their space before the hosts accepted the booking. I would need to add that attribute to the Reservation Form and then also add that liquid tag to the correct email/workflow.

Part 1 - Creating the Custom Attribute and adding it to the Booking Review page

Step 1

We need to create this new custom attribute, let's do that first. Go to Admin Dash > Manage > Reservation Types and click "New Reservation Type"

Step 2

(1) Choose a name and (2) choose the Transactable Type you wish to add this new attribute to. Note- You have to choose at least 1 Transactable Type. (3) Hit Save.

Step 3

We have now created a new Reservation Type, now we have to create the custom attribute to add to our Booking Review page. (1) Click "Custom Attribute".

Step 4

Click "Add Attribute"

Step 5

Now we have to actually create the custom attribute. This is how I filled out mine (as an example). You may want to add a hint, or add min/max lengths or maybe you don't want this question to be required. Making the attribute searchable or public has not affect on this custom attribute because of where it is going, so we can ignore those.

Step 6

Now that the custom attribute is created, we need to add it to our Reservation Type Form Component. Navigate back to your Reservation Types and choose "Form Components"

Step 7

Click "Edit"

Step 8

Now we simply click the custom attribute that we created and "Save" and the system will add this to our Booking Review form!

Finished Product:

Part 2 - Surfacing the created Custom Attribute on an email

We also need to add this liquid tag to the correct email so that our hosts can have that information when they receive the Booking Request email. We know that the liquid tag for Reservation Type custom attributes is  {{ }}, so we just need to substitute "attribute" with "what_are_you_storing". Navigate to the correct email - Admin Dash > Manage > Emails > "Reservation Mailer > Notify Host With Confirmation" > Edit, add the liquid tag and don't forget to save your work!

Email will looks like this: