Support Ticketing for Near Me

Methods of submitting support tickets to Near Me

There are two ways for marketplace owners (MPO's) or their admins to submit and track support tickets to Near Me: (1) direct email to our email or (2) through submission of tickets through your Account in our Service Desk application.  We recommend option (2) so you can more accurately track your tickets.

(1) Email - You can simply send an email with your question/issue to and this will create a ticket for you that will begin our Support Process. For more information on that please scroll down to our Lifecycle of a Support Ticket.

(2) Support Account - You can go HERE and create an account if one has not already been created for you. If one has been created and you don't know your password, simply follow the "Forgotten your password" option and enter your email as your username and you will receive an email that will allow you to create your new password.

Once inside your account you can choose to submit a support request (A) or to view all your support requests (B): 

Support Request Submission page: (Please remember to include your marketplace name and steps to reproduce the issue you are having ((please include user emails/URLs/Screen Grabs/Browser/Browser Version)) - There is no such thing as TOO much information in a support request.  Also, please only send one issue per support request to make sure that we don't miss anything): 

Support Request List page: 

Recommended information to be included in a support ticket

When submitting a support ticket to Near Me there are a few vital things to include in each request. 

** Please only include one support request per ticket to help ensure that each issue receives proper attention.

  • Marketplace name
  • Steps to reproduce issue
  • Screenshots with notation
  • User emails associated with issue
  • URLs
  • Browser used
  • Browser version used

There is no such thing as too much information!

How support tickets are addressed

Once a support ticket is submitted, we will review it. Often times we need more information so please provide screen shots / email addresses / URL's, anything that will help illustrate what you are asking about. Remember, there is no such thing as too much information for a support request.
If the issue is deemed to be a bug, meaning an issue with the platform or how it functions, we'll be happy to have that addressed immediately.
If the support request is a "where can I find" / "where is this located", we'll also be happy to provide directions.
If the support request is "how can I" / "I'd like to add", for the most part, we can provide directions or we can provide a KB article that may be similar to your request. Please note that we are happy to provide directions on "where you can add", but we can't support 3rd party integrations (from their side).

If the support request is "I'd like this functionality to do this" or "I wish this functionality worked this way", we can go a couple directions. (1) We do update the platform constantly. If you don't mind waiting on our production queue to fit your request in, we may be able to handle your request within those updates and at our cost. (2) If you need that request to be done sooner, we can provide a cost estimate to move the request up in our Production Queue. This is often at a fraction of the development cost to add that functionality. Some requests do need to be charged at 100% due to the uniqueness of the request, but if other marketplace users can use it, we will be happy to share the cost with you.

The lifecycle of a support ticket

Support tickets have a tag assigned to them depending on where they are in support. These tags are also reflected on the  Support Request List of your support Account as shown below.

  • Waiting for Support - When a ticket is initially created and waiting to be reviewed by the support team.
  • Under Review - The support team is reviewing the issue, this is typically when support tries to replicate the issue.
  • Waiting for Customer - A message has been sent from the support team to the MPO, usually requesting additional information. The MPO will receive an email notification that a reply has been sent. 
  • Awaiting Resolution - The initial ticket has been sent to an engineer to be addressed.
  • Future Release - The initial ticket, typically an unpaid improvement, has been slotted in to the production que to be released at a later date.
  • Customer Approval - The ticket has been addressed for approval of the MPO.
  • Resolved - The fix has been approved by the MPO

For further detail of the lifecycle of a support ticket, please see the image below.