FAQ functionality


Every Near Me marketplace comes with a dedicated area to add a Frequently Asked Questions, or FAQ. You can also choose to different languages that will be automatically shown based on the language chosen by the user in the language dropdown. You are welcome to use our default functionality or you may want to choose to create a custom page and style it however you choose. You can read more about creating custom page here:  Create a Custom Page


Go to Admin Dash > Support > Faq


To manage the FAQ as part of your support center, in your admin dashboard:

1. Navigate to Admin Dash > Support > Faq

2. Select 'add question'

3. Enter a question and answer in the appropriate fields

4. Select 'save'

5. To add a link to your FAQ/Support page to the footer of your home page, please see our article here:  Create a Redirect

Additional Notes

From this point you will be able to add additional Questions to your FAQ page.