How do I Integrate a Payment Gateway

Near Me offers a large list of payment gateways to choose from. The gateway that you integrate will depend on your business and personal preferences, and should be researched thoroughly before applying. Each gateway, for instance, will differ in their terms regarding transaction fees - which may impact your decision. Importantly, changing your payment gateway on Near Me after one has already been integrated is a simple process, so do not worry if you find that you would prefer to use a different service down the line.

The Near Me platform supports a number of payment gateways, allowing you to facilitate international payments from anywhere in the world. Your payment gateway will be configured on a per country basis, meaning that you can use more than one payment gateway in case your processor of choice isn’t available in a particular country. 

While the gateway you choose will depend a number of factors such as processing fees, availability in the countries for which you plan to support, and ease of use, we also provide a set of recommended gateways which have generally been successfully used by a majority of marketplaces on the Near Me platform. More on those can be found below.


While the Near Me system allows you to configure with a number of gateways, we generally recommend the following payment processors for their ease of use and widespread support. We also offer guides on setting up each of our recommended gateways, so please feel free to review those instructions if you decide to integrate any of the following:


From your admin dashboard, navigate to Settings > Payments

Select the payment gateway that you would like to integrate

A number of fields will appear, prompting you to enter your production keys and your test keys. Copy/paste those directly from your payment gateway dashboard.Note that generally you will only need to enter a single production key and a single test key. However, for some payment gateways (such as Braintree), there may be additional keys that need to be included as well. If you are having trouble finding the keys that you need to enter, please reach out to your payment gateway or Near Me support for further assistance.


Before you go live, you will probably want to test a few transactions on your marketplace. You can do this without requiring the use of real money by setting your marketplace to 'test mode'. Test mode will allow you to make fake transactions on your marketplace, using test credit card credentials. Note that these credentials must be supplied by your payment gateway, and can likely be found in their help/support documentation.

To put your marketplace in test mode:

  1. From your admin dashboard, navigate to Settings > Integrations
  2. Tick the box labeled 'Use test payment credentials'
  3. Note that your marketplace MUST be password protected in order to also turn on test mode - if it is not already password protected, navigate to Settings > Configuration and turn this on
  4. Select 'save'


Can I use Paypal as my payment gateway?

Paypal is a quasi-payment gateway, meaning that it will only work as part of the solution for your marketplace. You won't be able to use Paypal itself to bring money in, as Paypal cannot be used on the Near Me platform to facilitate credit card transactions. However, money can be sent to your hosts via Paypal, as a means for paying out when appropriate.

I don't see my preferred gateway as an option in the admin dashboard, what do I do?

Your preferred payment gateway may not be showing up for a few reasons:

  1. It may be the case that this gateway does not operate in the country in which you are trying to configure. If this is the case, you will need to select a different payment processor to facilitate payments in that region.
  2. If this gateway does offer support in the country for which you are trying to configure, but is not an option in the admin dashboard, reach out to Near Me support and let us know! We may be able to add support for your gateway.