LinkedIn (Set Up)

To create your LInkedIn application, start by logging into the account on LinkedIn from which you would like to manage your app, and then going to We need to create an application and then add the Authentication Keys to your marketplace. To do this, simply follow the instructions detailed below:

Step 1

You will be on the dashboard from where you can manage your LinkedIn applications. Select the yellow 'Create Application' button at the top.

Step 2

You will be taken to a form where you will be asked to fill out some information about your company, your contact information and the application that you are creating. 

Note that in the Website URL field you will need to enter the full URL that you are currently using for your marketplace. If you have not yet set up a custom domain, you will need to use your Near Me subdomain (in our example

Step 3

Once your application has been created, you will see the two keys that you need for integrating LinkedIn, highlighted below.

We have one more step before adding these keys to your marketplace. We need to enter a URL into the OAuth 2.0 Authorized Redirect URL's field. You will want to enter the same URL that you entered into the app creation form (Website URL field), and then add /auth/linkedin/callback to the end of it . In our example then, I will add to the Authorized Redirect URL field.

Step 4

Once you add that URL, we can go back to your marketplace and add the Client ID and Client Secret to the appropriate fields for the LinkedIn integrations. Go to Admin Dash > Settings > Integrations and add those keys.

Save your work and you are now finished! Your users will be able to sign up/log in through their LinkedIn network to your marketplace!

Final Note

When you launch your marketplace you will need to update the URL to reflect your custom domain (in both the Authorized Redirect URL in the Authorization tab and the Website URL in the Settings tab), don't forget or it will break your integration!