How do I install Facebook Pixel?

Step 1

Navigate to Admin Dash > Theme > Content Holders and choose Add content holder

Step 2

Fill out the form for your new content holder:

  1. Create a Name for your content holder
  2. Decide what pages you want the content holder to be injected into (for this item we will choose Any page)
  3. Make sure to Enable your content holder. You can choose to remove the content holder by making it un-enabled, so you don't have to delete it.
  4. Choose where you want the content holder to be injected (for this item we will choose Head bottom)
  5. Copy and paste your Facebook Pixel code into the Content field
  6. Don't forget to Save your work! Once you save the content holder, the code will be added to your marketplace.

We can check our work by right clicking on the homepage and choosing View Source (Chrome). If we scroll down to just before the </head> tag we will find our content holder's output.

Additional info

You can find more support for Facebook Pixel by visiting either of these Facebook Support pages: