Google + (Set Up)

To create and integration your Google+ application, start by navigating to and make sure you are logged in to the account on which you plan to add your app. From here, follow the instructions detailed below:

Set Up

1. Log in and sign into your Google account

2. Create a project

Name your Project and then Create it

3. Go to Credentials > OAuth consent screen and make sure your email address is correct and then enter a Product name (can be the same as your Project name) and Save.

4. After Saving, go to the Credentials > Credentials and choose Create credentials and then OAuth client ID from the dropdown that appears

5. In the form that pops up, choose (1)  Web application for Application type, (2) enter a Name (for consistency we just named everything with the marketplace name), (3) for Authorized JavaScript origins, enter the URL for your marketplace. Note that it is important this URL matches the current domain you are using for your marketplace - so if you have yet to set up a custom domain, you'll want to use the Near Me subdomain that you were given by default (in our example we used Also note that if you use the Near Me subdomain, you'll need to change it to your custom domain when you update your DNS before your marketplace launch. Finally (4) add your Authorized redirect URL, https:// domain>/auth/google/callback

6. Now you need to enable your Google + API. Click "API Manager" in the left navigation and then: 

7. Copy and paste the  customer ID and customer secret the Google Authentication fields located in Admin Dash > Integrations

You are now finished! Your users will be able to sign up/log in through their Google + network to your marketplace!

Additional Notes

When you launch your marketplace you will need to update the URL to reflect your custom domain, don't forget or it will break your integration!