Custom Domain Step 3: FQDN

Once you have received the confirmation email from RapidSSL with your certificate, you are only two steps from finishing the process of setting up your custom domain. The final step will be to configure your DNS settings so that your domain is pointed at our servers. In order to do that, however, you will have to generate a DNS name from your admin dashboard.


You should only generate a single DNS name for each domain - either for your www address (e.g. or for your root (e.g. If at any point you have two DNS names, one for each of the above, then you will need to delete one. You will be setting up a redirect at a later point to handle this. 

1. Start by logging into your admin dashboard and navigating to Admin Dash > Settings > Domains > New Domain

2. Check Enable HTTPS and Use as default domain

3. In the Your Domain field, enter your full domain. If you want the 'www' to be part of your domain, that must be included in this field. 

So your two options are:

Note: Please ensure that the domain you enter is in a valid format, and does not include any capital letters. For instance, www.Example.Com would not be a valid domain, whereas would.

: For users of PayPal Payment Gateway you must register your domain with 'www'

4. Next we'll click Upload Certificates to add your SSL certificates

Which will then show you:

In the 'certificate body' field, copy and paste the entire contents of the SSL Certificate that was sent to you from RapidSSL. This can be found in the body of the confirmation email, or on your account with RapidSSL.

In the 'private key' field, copy and paste the entire contents of the Private Key that you generated along with your CSR. If you do not remember what this is, please see Step -1: Generating your CSR for more information. If you have since lost your private key, you will need to generate a new CSR and reissue your certificate with RapidSSL.

In the 'Certificate Chain' field, copy/paste the entire contents of the intermediate certificate provided to you by RapidSSL, which can also be found in the body of the confirmation email that was sent.

Click 'Save' at the top when you are finished

Once you have saved and submitted this form, you will be redirected back to Settings > Domains, where you will be shown a list of all domains that you have added to the system. If this is your first time going through this process, you should see only two records: your Near Me ( subdomain, and the domain you just created.

It will take the system a brief amount of time to generate your DNS name. Please wait and refresh your screen until your DNS Name appears. This DNS Name will be the FQDN that you enter into your DNS management app ANAME record.

Please test your SSL setup to ensure it is given an A grade by Qualys. This should be done once your domain is resolved correctly. There are further instructions on how to do this, here.

Once you have this email, please move on to Step 4: Generating your DNS Name