Unavailability Periods for Listings

A great new feature for Listings is Unavailable Periods. This functionality allows the Lessor to choose dates when a Listing won't be bookable, i.e. for vacations or holidays.

There are several places a Lessor may add  Unavailable Periods. The are all accessible through the Listing Forms inside their User Dash.

1. If the listing is Time Based, they can choose Custom (1) and the option to Add Another Unavailable Periods will appear. Click Add Another (2) and the functionality will appear

2. If the listing is Event Based, they will need to toggle the Unavailable Period to ON (1), then choose Add Another (2) and the functionality will appear

3. There is one more place to add unavailability as a Lessor, and this is for the Location. To access the Location, the Lessor will navigate to their Location Form through their Location attribute on the Transactable (Secondary Listing) Form

To add Unavailability, the Lessor will then simply click Custom (1) and Add Another (2)

The reason this functionality is available is for the Lessor who choses Location Hours for his Listing's Availability. The lessor can have multiple Listings all tied to his Location Hours and then simply add an Unavailable Period on his Location and it would block out the days for all the Listings.