Setup of DNS Management / Route 53 integration

This article will show you how to set up your DNS management though our Route 53 Integration

What does it do?

Through our integration with AWS's Route 53, we are able to offer Near Me marketplaces a scalable Domain Name System free of charge. To read more about Route 53, please click  HERE

Once you create the Route 53 hosted zone you will be given by records by default - A Record, NS Records, and SOA Record. 

You also can add additional DNS records - ALIAS, CNAME, MX, SPF, TXT - by clicking New Record and completing the new DNS record form


Step 1 - Set up your Root Domain

*Note: You have to have already applied and SSL certificate to your marketplace's ELB either manually or through our Free SSL setup to be able to set up your DNS Management with Near Me. To do that, please follow the steps  HERE first.

Let's begin.

Navigate to Admin Dash > Settings > Domains and choose 'New domain'

Enable HTTPS, add your Domain and enter your SSL certificate (Certificate Body), Private Key and Intermediate Certificate (Certificate chain) and choose Save when done

Step 2 - Create Route 53 Hosted Zone

Start the process (or edit your existing hosted zone) by clicking on your Root Domain

If you have not already created a hosted zone, you will need to click Create Route 53 hosted zone

To create a new record, simply click on 'New Record' and you will be taken to a short form to fill out 

Additional Notes and Links

When creating MX records, they need to all be entered into the same record. Meaning, you will only have one MX record. See example here:

When creating CNAME records (for example your www) see example here:

Here is a link that will help with creating DNS records if you use Office 365: