Force Payment Information

This functionality will stop listings from being seen, for Sellers who have not provided their Payment information. 

To enable this, go to Admin Dash > Settings > Payments and check the box labeled "Force payout details collected before selling in Live Payment Mode" under Payout Settings.

Going forward, your vendors, upon completing the initial registration form, will then be prompted to fill in their payment information.

Listings will remain disabled until vendors provide payout information and are verified by the payment gateway you have chosen for your marketplace. 

Once payment information is verified by the payment gateway, listings will be viewable, unless you have an additional approval process in place.

Please note: please make sure that "Use test payment credentials and test Twillio credentials" is UNCHECKED, as shown in the photo above.  In addition, the marketplace must not be password protected. 

Also Note: This functionality should only be enabled if you have a payOUT option payment gateway such as: Stripe Connect, Paypal Express Chain Pay, Braintree Marketplace, Paypal Adaptive Payments.