How do I Give the Vendor the Ability to Disable Bookings for Their Listings

As a marketplace owner you may allow vendors the option to keep their listings from being booked, while staying visible. 

Typically, the booking module (shown in the image below) will offer the option to book the listing.

To give your vendors the option to turn this on or off with in your Admin Dashboard navigate to: Manage > Transactable Types > Edit.

From here, scroll down and check the box for 'Allow to Disable Booking'

Once checked, Vendors may disable the ability to book their listing by going to the Vendor Dashboard > My Listings > Edit as shown below.

They will then need to click on the 'Pricing and Availability' tab and click the 'Disable Booking' toggle to the 'On' position.

This will then hide the 'Book' button on the corresponding listing.