SSL Certificate from AWS Certificate Manager

One of the many benefits of being a paid subscriber is the availability to free SSL certificates for your marketplace through Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certificate Manager.

This article will show you how quick and easy it is to apply for and install an SSL certificate using our built in functionality found right in your marketplace's Admin Dash.

Step 1

Ensure that you have the ability to receive emails to the (or one of the other emails on record of your Domain Registrar). AWS will send several emails to those email address tied to the account, to verify domain ownership (within this process).

Step 2

Navigate to Admin Dash > Settings > SSL Certificates and click 'Request AWS Certificate'

Step 3

Enter your root domain name in the *Name field and then click 'Request Certificate'

Step 4

Wait a few moments and you can refresh your page and you will be able to review information about the certificates and where those validation emails were sent

Step 5

If you check your email, you should now have 3 emails from Amazon Certificates, one for each of the 3 certificates that you will receive: (1) A Record (2) WWW and (3) Wildcard Certificates. Click the link provided on each email to follow the approval workflow. (It's simply a short page with text and an 'I Approve' button.


Link landing page

Read more about the approval process here:

Step 6

The final step is to apply the certificates to your domain. Navigate to Admin Dash > Settings > Domains and click 'New Domain' or click the pencil next to your root domain name if you have already created one.

  • Enter your root domain into the 'Your Domain' 
  • Enable 'Use as default domain'
  • field enable 'enable HTTPS'
  • Choose your AWS Certificate in the dropdown '*AWS Certificate' - Please note that it may take a few moments for you to see your certificate in the dropdown and you may need to refresh your page for it to be visible. The Certificate you choose MUST be from your domain or it won't work!
  • Save your work

After you save your work you will see the following screen

Wait a moment and then refresh your screen and the system will be able to confirm that your domain is secure