Google Maps API Key


Google Maps API Key - With the updates made by Google Maps recently, all marketplaces will now be required to apply for and add their own Google Map API key. For more information on this and what additional costs there are please review the following links:

To apply for and add you Google Maps API key, please follow the Steps outlined below in the SetUp section

Critical Additional Note

If your app exceeds the initial limit, the app will start failing. You can increase this limit free of charge, up to 150,000 requests per 24 hour period, by enabling billing on the Google API Console to verify your identity.


Admin Dash > Settings > Integrations > API Settings

Set Up

Step 1:

Go to, log in (if you do not have an account, you'll need to create one) and then click the 'Maps' icon

Step 2

Click the 'Web" icon

Step 3

Click 'Get a Key'

Step 4

Click 'Continue' on the pop-up screen

Step 5

If you already have a project, choose it from the drop down, otherwise, choose 'create a project' and then click 'continue'.

Step 6

Agree to the terms and conditions

Step 7

Choose 'Google Maps JavaScript API' from the dropdown and then click 'What credentials do I need?'

Step 8

Copy the API key in the 'Here is your API key' field and then click 'Done'

Step 9

In the Admin of your marketplace, go to Admin Dash > Settings > Integrations and paste the API into the 'Google Maps API key' field and then hit 'Save'

Additional Notes

1. Please make sure that you enable both Google Maps Javascript API and Geocoding API to avoid: DeletedApiProjectMapError