Prevent trigger condition


This functionality can be found on the alert detail page of a workflow


This functionality allows you to add liquid conditions to stop or allow workflow alerts to trigger the action. A TRUE value will result in the workflow getting triggered. 

  • You can use any condition on any object available in the workflow alert
  • You can chain multiple conditions using the boolean operators "and" and "or"
  • You can check for equality or inequality, small than, greater than etc. (==, !=, <, >, <=, >=) 
  • You can use the keyword 'blank', for example, you may want to check if the attribute is not blank, like ' != blank'

Example 1

You want Hosts to finish their listings and not have the listings sitting around stuck in 'saved as draft' status. We already send out an email that is triggered when a Host saves a listing as draft. However, you can add additional alerts that will trigger additional 'reminder' emails. Let's say 2 more and have them scheduled for 1 day and 2 days after the initial email is sent. In each of the 2 alerts, you would simply add listing.draft? to the 'prevent trigger condition' field and then before the action takes place, the system will check that condition. If it's true, it will fire off the email, if it's false, it will cancel.

Example 2

You want to encourage Hosts to approve or cancel requested bookings so you create additional alerts to remind Hosts to please approve or cancel the request so as to not keep your guests waiting. In this case, we would add  reservation.state != 'unconfirmed' to the 'prevent trigger condition' field. The system will now check the state of the request and if it's unconfirmed (true) it will trigger and if it's cancelled or accepted (false) then it will not trigger.