Set up Paypal Adaptive Payments (payOUT)

To enable PayPal Adaptive Payments you'll need to complete the steps listed out below, however before you can begin that process, you'll need to do a bit of prep work first.

Visit: and Read the section about 'Obtaining your live PayPal credentials':

and 'Registering your application with PayPal':

and finally "Submitting your application' and 'Registering an NVP/SOAP API app':

Finally you'll need to go here ( ) and fill out the NVP/SOAP API application form. This will start a back and form communication where PayPal will vette your marketplace and ultimately give you an App ID which you will need for your set up. Once you have that App ID, you can begin Step 1 below.

Please note that this process can take several weeks or more to complete. 

Step 1

Go to Admin Dash > Settings > Payments and click 'New Payment Gateway'

Step 2

Choose 'PayPal Adaptive Payments (Payouts)' from the drop down and click 'Save'

Step 3

Add the correct Settings - Please note that Sandbox settings are different than Live settings so be sure to enter the correct information for each form field. Choose your Payment Countries and your Payment Currencies. When finished click 'Save'.

Step 4

Turn your Payment Gateway on or off, click 'Save'