Cancellation Policy

As a marketplace owner, you can set up a cancellation policy which allows a customer to cancel their booking only during a specified time frame ahead of the date of the reservation. Each service type can have its own cancellation policy.

To set up a cancellation policy in the admin dashboard:

  1. Navigate to Manage > Service Types > Edit
  2. Enable the cancellation policy by ticking the box labeled 'Should cancellation policy be enabled?'
  3. Specify the number of hours before the booking that the guest has to cancel ahead of the reservation time. Please note that this will remove their ability to cancel the booking.
  4. Specify the percentage that should be applied to the guest, should they cancel any time before the time specified above
  5. Select 'save' when finished
How and when does this affect the Guest?

Here are the high level things to note when dealing with the cancellation policy: 

A. No money exchanges hands until the Host confirms the scheduled booking (either manually or automatically). If the Guest cancels the scheduled booking before the Host confirms, the transaction drops off as it was never completed. No charges are applied because the transaction was never finalized.

B. Assuming that the Host confirms a scheduled booking, the only times that matter are (1) the time of the booking (when the appointment/rental/etc actually starts) and (2) the number of hours from the booking the cancellation policy takes effect. If the Guest cancels prior to the cancellation policy taking affect, they are refunded all monies except their Guest Service Fee and the Cancellation Fee. The Guest is not able to cancel inside the cancellation policy hours.

C. If a Host cancels the booking (at any time), the Guest gets back 100% of money paid. 

D. If a Host doesn't accept the scheduled booking and it expires, no money has been paid, the transaction drops off as it was never completed. No charges are applied because the transaction was never finalized.