Setting Your Location Types

Marketplace Owners can define location types, which act as parent elements to listings. By default, this structure is reflected in your search results page and on the inventory pages themselves. For instance, you will notice that when you conduct a search, all listings will be enumerated under a larger item, which is the location. Importantly, this can be adjusted if needed, so that locations will not be surfaced in this way when searching, and listings are surfaced by themselves rather than grouped under the location. If this is something that you are interested in, please reach out to your dedicated account manager to discuss adjusting this structure.

If you do not add any location types, there will not be a filter for location type on the search results page. However, as soon as you add a location type, a new filter will appear for this category.

To edit your location types, simply follow along below:

Step 1

go to Admin Dash > Settings > Locations

Step 2

Enter the name of your new Location Type and click Add

Additional Note
Specific to Service Types, if you want to surface this attribute you can do it with the liquid tag: {{ location.location_type_name }}