How to Create an Admin Role

You can create an Admin Role and define the areas of the Admin Dash that the Admin has access to by following the steps below:

Step 1: Create the Role

Go to Admin Dash > Manage > Admins and add the name you want to give the role into the 'Name' field that is located in the 'Create new role' box. When finished, click 'Create'.

Step 2: Define the areas the Admin will have access to

You will notice that the Admin Role you just created is now located in the 'Roles' box located just above the 'Create new role' box. From here you can check areas that you would like the Admin to be able to visit through the Admin Dash. You can allow access to as many or as few areas as you like.

Additional Notes

  • You can remove access or add more access to Admin Roles at anytime by simply checking or unchecking the sections of the Admin Dash for any Admin Role.
  • You can remove an Admin Role by clicking the Trash Can icon on the right
  • You can learn how to add users to an Admin Role HERE