How to add a user to an Admin Role

You can add a user to a created Admin Role by following the steps below, if the user is already registered on the marketplace, start on Step 2:

Step 1: Add the Admin user to the marketplace

Go to Admin Dash > Manage > Admins and add the name and email of the new Admin in the 'Create new admin user' box. When finished, click 'Create' and go to Step 3.

Step 2: Add user to Admin List

Go to Admin Dash > Manage > Admins and enter the email of an existing user on the marketplace. When finished, click 'Add'.

Step 3: Assign Admin Role to the Admin

Now that your user has been added as an Admin, you have to assign them a role. You can do this by clicking on the 'Role' option and choosing from the available Roles.

Additional Notes

  • You can remove a user from having Admin access by clicking on the Trash Can icon on the right
  • You can learn how to create an Admin Role HERE