Keeping Admins in the Loop with Workflow Alerts


When workflow alerts are triggered, you may have any of the marketplace admin notified as well. 

For this example, we'll create an alert for our admin each time a new listing is created. However, This could be applied to any active workflow alert.

To set up alerts for your Admins, in your Admin Dash navigate to Manage > Workflows.

1. Click on the workflow category you would like, for our example we will select 'Listing'

2. Select the Workflow subcategory you would like to edit. For our example, we'll select 'Created'

3. Select 'edit' on the workflow alert of your choice, We will be using 'Listing created email' for this example.

4. Enter the email address of the Admin or Admins you would like the have BCC'ed on the workflow alert.

5. Be sure to click the save button on the bottom right of the page!