Document Upload

If your marketplace vendors (lessors) need to be careful about which reservations the accept, then you may want to turn on the document upload feature. This allows your lessees to upload documents when they make a reservation for the lessor to review. This can be set as optional, mandatory, or vendor decides - which gives your lessors the option to set the upload as optional or mandatory.

To start working with this feature:

Step 1

First navigate to Admin Dash > Settings > Document Upload

Step 2

By default, this feature is turned of. You will see a switch labeled Activate upload files - click on this switch so that it turns from 'off' to 'on'

Step 3

Below that, you have the option to specify whether document upload should be mandatory, optional, or vendor decides. Setting this to mandatory requires that users upload a document (specified by the lessor) when they make a reservation. Setting it to option will include the option to upload documents in the booking review stage, but does not require the upload for the reservation to happen. And setting it to vendor decides gives your vendors the option to choose whether the upload should be optional or mandatory on a per listing basis.

Don't forget to click Save at the top