Instance_admin Overview

Where to Begin

Congratulations! Your marketplace is built and you're ready to (figuratively) open the doors of your new business! To help you get acquainted with the managing your marketplace we've compiled a list of helpful articles that cover the areas that will be useful in the day to day operations of your business.

Marketplace at a Glance

For a quick and easy look at the big picture of what is going on your marketplace, you would to look at the Analytics Tab in the MPO Admin Dash. From here, you may view several different categories such as: Payments, transfers, or amount of listing views (shown below).

For more information on the analytics of your marketplace, please see our article here: Analytics

Managing Users

With in the admin dashboard of your marketplace, you can add, remove, and set permissions for other Administrators of your marketplace (shown below).

For more information on Administrators and your marketplace, please see our article here:  Admins

Additionally, you also have access to all of the user accounts on your marketplace. As an admin you may ban, delete, or even log in as the user of your choice. 

For information on managing users please see our article here:  Users

Managing Transactions

From the Admin Dash you have access to track individual transactions from the time the order is placed until the final payment to the host is made. Generally a transaction will move from Orders to Payments to Transfers.

 To learn more about these sections of the marketplace, please see the links below.

Orders:  Managing Orders Article

Payments: Managing Payments Article

Transfers: Managing Transfers Article

Managing Communications

The Near Me platform allows you to have workflow alerts sent to specific members of your team. For instance, each time a new user signs up, Admin A could be notified, or each time a booking is declined, Admins B&C could be notified. To learn more about how to do this, please view our article here:  Keeping Admins in the loop with Workflow Alerts

Managing Support

Your marketplace comes with two built in ways to support your users, direct support ticketing and a FAQ page.

To read more about built in direct ticketing please see our article here:  Customer Support Ticketing

FAQ pages with great content can not only create a better user experience, but it also cuts down on the amount of support tickets received. To learn more about creating your own FAQ, please see our article here:  Creating your FAQ

SEO - How to direct traffic to your marketplace

Please see our blog articles here:  SEO Blog Articles on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to learn more about the information that needs to be included in your marketplace to help increase traffic.