Manage > Payments (page)


Go to Admin Dash > Manage > Payments


At the top of the page is a list of filters to help you search. You will also notice there is a date/time stamp for when the next automated transfers will happen. There also is a group of columns that provide the following information:

  • Company - Provided by the Merchant
  • Lessor - Name and link to the detail of the merchant
  • Payer - Name and link to the detail of the payer
  • State - State of the payment Via Stripe (Authorized, Voided, Paid, Refunded)
  • Payment Gateway - The name of the Payment Gateway
  • Payment Method - How the payment was made (Offline, Credit Card, ACH)
  • Created At - when the payment was made (when the order was requested)
  • Payment Amount - total amount of the payment
  • Details -  Shows more details about the payment