Manage > Orders (page)


Go to Admin Dash > Manage > Orders


At the top of the page is a list of filters to help you search as well as a 'Download report as CSV' option. There also is a group of columns that provide the following information:

  • Number - This is the unique number associated with the order, generated by the system
  • Listing - This is the name of the listing
  • User - This shows the name of the payer
  • Payment - Links to the details of the payment made, same screen as Admin Dash > Manage > Payments > Details
  • State - Status of the order (Pending, Confirmed, Expired, Rejected, Cancelled)
  • Created At - When the order was created (requested)
  • Amount - This is the total amount the payer has paid, or attempted to pay, for the booking
  • Details - Shows more details about the Order