Manage > Transfers (page)


Go to Admin Dash > Manage > Transfers


At the top of the page is a list of filters to help you search as well as a 'Download report as CSV' option. You will also notice there is a date/time stamp for when the next automated transfers will happen. If you have chosen to manually generate transfers, there will be a button available for you to click. There also is a group of columns that provide the following information:

  • Company - Provided by the Merchant
  • Charges - The number of items transfered
  • Created At - When the transfer was created
  • Transfered At - When the transfer took place
  • Total Fee - Fees charged to the Merchant by the MPO
  • PG Fee - Fee charged to the MPO by Stripe
  • Transfer Amount - Amount the Merchant received
  • Detail - Shows more details about the transfer