Overnight Booking

By default, the listings on your marketplace will calculate price based on the number of days selected. So for instance, if a listing is set to $30/day, and you select a start date of June 1st and and end date of June 1st, the system will calculate the booking total as $30.00. 

An example of the standard pricing scheme for a listing on Desks Near Me - the total is calculated based on the number of days selected

However, some marketplaces use a booking scheme that more closely resembles that of a hotel service, or a pick up/drop off system, where the cost of bookings is calculated per night rather than per day. So in our example, if you selected June 1st as the start date, and June 2nd as the end date, with overnight booking turned on then the total cost of that reservation would be $20.00 - as the listing was reserved for a single night.
To turn on Overnight Booking, follow these steps:

1) Log into your admin dashboard, and navigate to Manage > Service Types > Edit
 2) Scroll down the page to the 'Actions' Section and select the 'Time-Based' tab. Click on the '*Unit' Dropdown and select 'night'
3) Don't forget to select 'save' at the top

1) Will Overnight Booking automatically apply to all listings on my marketplace?
  • Yes, overnight booking changes the way price is calculated for all listings on your marketplace

2) Can my lessors specify which listings use Overnight Booking and which do not?

  • No, at this time overnight booking is applied to all listings or none automatically, and lessors do not have the opportunity to control this themselves

3) Can Overnight Booking be turned on for individual service types?

  • Yes, overnight booking can be applied to each service type individually, where you can have one service type set up with the standard pricing scheme, and another set up with overnight bookin