Integrating Stripe Connect

From your admin dashboard, navigate to Settings > Payments and select 'New Payment Gateway'

From the dropdown select 'Stripe Connect' and click 'Save'

You will then be brought to the page below where you may enable the payment gateway, enter Stripe Connect account keys, as well as other settings. If you haven't already, Go to and sign up for a new Stripe account. Your Test Secret and Test Publishable Keys will be found in your Stripe Connect Account Dashboard (please see next step) Note: Be sure to select a payment method!

To find your Stripe Connect Keys, navigate to your Stripe Connect account dashboard and select 'API' from the list on the left. This will provide your test and live keys needed to set up your payment gateway on your marketplace. Copy/Paste the appropriate keys to the fields in the marketplace admin dash.

Finally, Select the countries you would like to be available for payments to be made to and click 'Save'. 

You will now be able to run test or live transactions on your marketplace!