Plaid - Set Up

Setting up ACH payments via Stripe / Stripe Connect using an account with can be done in just a few simple steps. 

Please note, you will need to sign up or have an existing Stripe account and have set up your Stripe or Stripe Connect integration on your marketplace first. For more information on setting up a Stripe or Stripe Connect payment gateway, please click  HERE (Stripe) or HERE (Stripe Connect).

Once that is complete, simply follow the steps below to set up ACH Payments on your Near Me marketplace.

I. Sign up for an account at

A. go to and sign up for an account

B. Confirm your email

C. You can Skip 'Step 2, Invite teammates' if you want, it is optional and doesn't affect the setup

D. Locate your API Keys by clicking on 'Step 3, Send your first request'

You'll need these API Keys for later:

IMPORTANT NOTE: At this point you have a Free account with Plaid and can use the Sandbox Server to test and the Development Server for your first 100 users. You can move on to Part II - Connect your and accounts and complete the set up using the SandBox or Development Servers. Once you reach 100 users or you are ready to begin your paid Plaid account, you'll return need to complete the next steps and apply for it via

E. The final step for your paid Plaid account is to Contact and request that your account be Upgraded to access their production (LIVE) environment. You can do this on 'Step 4, Remove User Limits'

This will open up a form to fill that needs to be filled out with information about your company and how you plan on using the product. You'll want to provide these answers to the following questions on the form:

  1. What are you building: Marketplace
  2. What products do you plan to use: Auth: routing/account number authentication
  3. How many users: 0-500

Once you submit this form for approval, you will receive an email notification from Plaid letting you know when your account has been upgraded. At this point you'll want to move your Environment from Development to Production in your marketplace's Admin Dash. 

II. Connect your and accounts

A. While Plaid is reviewing your upgrade application, we'll want to go ahead and connect your and accounts. To do this we will need to follow the instructions in Step 1 on this page: (Looks like image below).

III. Add your API keys to your Stripe Connect / ACH integration

A. In your Admin Dash, go to Settings > Payments and click on the pencil for your Stripe Connect integration to enter the detail view

B. In the Stripe Connect detail view, (1) enable the ACH functionality (2) Add the client_id (3) Add the public_key (4) Add the secret per your API information from the website and (5) finally enter the environment you wish to connect to. (Sandbox if your marketplace is in test mode, Development if your marketplace is LIVE and you have a free account with Plaid and finally Production if you have a LIVE marketplace and your have a paid Plaid account).

C. Your setup is now complete.

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