Customer Support Ticketing

Your marketplace comes equipped with a support center, allowing your users to open support tickets that can then be managed by yourself or other administrators on your marketplace. When a support ticket is opened, a message thread is created, and can be managed in the admin dashboard.


After a ticket has been opened, in your admin dashboard:

  1. Navigate to Support > Tickets
  2. Find the ticket that you would like to manage and select 'view and resolve'
  3. Here, you can assign the ticket to another administrator if needed, using the dropdown in the upper right corner (by default it should say 'unassigned')
  4. Enter a reply message in the message field. You can also add an attachment here if needed.
  5. After entering a response, if you have not resolved the issue, you can simply select 'update', and this will keep the ticket open. If you have resolved the issue, select 'update and resolve', which will close the ticket and mark it as resolved
Marketplace user ticket creation

  1. Navigate to your marketplace domain and add /support to the end (e.g.
  2. Select 'Open a Ticket'
  3. Enter a subject and a message. If you have any attachments, you can upload those here by selecting 'Add attachment'
  4. Click 'create ticket'

To create link in the footer of your homepage that will take users to the support page please see our article here:  Create a Redirect to Support