Request for Quote

Request for Quote (RFQ) allows your hosts/vendors to keep the price of their listing private, and require that their customers inquire with them first about the price of the listing. This can even be extended using  language translations to set up a sort of 'private bid' system.

To turn RFQ on for your marketplace, do the following:

1) Login to your admin dashboard and navigate to Manage > Service Types > Edit 
2) Scroll down until you see 'Allowed Action Types' and select the box labeled 'Request for Quote'
3) Select 'Save' at the top, and then navigate back to your marketplace

Now that you have turned RFQ on, you can test it out by creating a new listing and configuring it to use the RFQ system. Before you do this, make sure you have added the RFQ field to both listing forms using  form components, which is beyond the scope of this article - but if you are unfamiliar with how form building works we strongly recommend that you review the linked article before moving forward.

Once a host and guest have successfully negotiated a price point, the host can then go back into their edit listing form, turn RFQ off for that listing and set a price. At which point, the host can coordinate to have the guest follow through with the booking