Setting Minimum Booking Hours

You can set a minimum number of hours that guests are required to book. For instance, if you wanted to require your guests to book all listings at a minimum of one hour, this is possible to set in the admin dashboard. Note that this setting only applies currently to hourly reservations.

To set up the minimum amount of time a guest must book for:

1) Log in to your admin dashboard and navigate to Manage > Service Types > Edit 
2) Scroll down until you see "Booking Settings" and select the "Time Based" tab.
3) In the field labeled "Minimum booking minutes (for hourly pricing), simply enter the minimum number of minutes that guests should be required to book. So for a minimum of one hour, enter 60.
4) At the top of your screen, click 'save'

Now, for any listings that are set up to be reserved by the hour, guests will be required to book for, at minimum, the time you just specified.