Adding a Translation

Once you have added a new language, you can begin translating everything. You can also use this to easily customize the text of anything on the marketplace (such as changing "search" to "find results" or "price per unit" to "price per acre". To do this go to Settings> Languages and click on edit keys. You can then go through each item and put in the appropriate translation. You will need to go through and edit each item. You will see the label for the translation key in black bold, with a box underneath to enter your translation. You also will have the option to "Show Default" and show the  english (default) words in light grey underneath the text box. This will come in handy and allow you to verify that this is the right key and text you are trying to translate or change. Once you type in the translation be sure to save your changes. 


  1. Log in to your admin dashboard
  2. Select Settings > Languages > Edit Keys
  3. In this form, you will find a series of items with labels that begin with: DASHBOARD.NAV - for instance:
    • DASHBOARD.NAV.ACCOUNT corresponds to the 'Edit Profile' tab
  4. Find the tab that you want to edit, and enter your new label in the field provided.
    • Note that the default label for each tab is indicated with light gray text in the field itself.
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select 'Save'