Adding the Google Translate Widget

The language translation system is great for ensuring that static content on your site is appropriately translated for all users visiting your site. However, there will also be content on your site that is not static - such as user input that get's surfaced on listing pages. For this, you may find that the google translate widget is helpful for translating content that you do not have control over.

Adding the google translate widget is as simple as visiting this page:, and following their instructions to get the embed code. Their wizard is relatively straightforward, and will ask you for the website domain on which you'd like to embed the code, as well as some other options like the style of dropdown you want and what languages to allow.

Once you have completed this setup, you will be provided with the embed code.

Copy and paste the entire block of code provided into the area of the liquid view corresponding to the area of the site that you would like it to appear. We would recommend placing this either in the footer of your marketplace, or the booking module.