Integrating Stripe

Of the recommended payment processors, Stripe is the quickest gateway to get up and running with. Please note this is a payIN payment gateway only. This means you must make other arrangements to transfer money to your vendors. Transactions made with Stripe will deposit all monies into your MPO bank account. 

Stripe also has support in a number of countries around the world (for a full list of supported countries, see

To get set up with Stripe:

Step 1

Go to and sign up for a new account. You will immediately be dropped into your Stripe dashboard

Step 2

At the top right, select "Your account" and then choose "Account settings"

Step 3

Click on the 'API Keys' tab at the top

Step 4

Your production keys for Stripe will be the 'Live Secret Key', and your test key for Stripe will be the 'Test Secret Key'

Step 5

If you have not done so already, we need to create the Stripe Payment Gateway for your marketplace. Go to Admin Dash > Settings > Payments and choose New Payment Gateway.

Step 6

For *Type, we need to choose Stripe from the dropdown list and then Save

Step 7

Turn the setting to ON and for *Login we will enter LIVE SECRET KEY if the setting is Live

Or, turn the setting to On and for *Login we will enter TEST SECRET KEY if the setting is Sandbox

Step 8

At this point, any transactions made will be done in 'test' mode on Stripe - this is because you have not yet activated your account. 

To do this, start by selecting the switch at the top labeled 'live/test' so that it is on LIVE

Step 9

Flipping this to LIVE will bring up a new window, asking you to activate your account. Click on Activate account

Step 10

You will be taken to a form, where you can fill out all of the necessary information to get your account live. Once you have submitted this form, you should be ready to start transacting in production mode. 

You are now ready to begin accepting money via your Stripe Payment Gateway.