Setting up a Webhook for Stripe

This article will help you set up a Webhook for your Stripe Payment Gateway. The reason we need to do this is so that your marketplace doesn't need to pull information from Stripe, they will push important information to your marketplace when important events occur. You can read more about Webhooks here:

Step 1

Login into your Stripe Account at and choose Webhooks

Step 2

Click on 'Add endpoint...'

Step 3

Choose the box titled 'Account' and then click 'Next'

Step 4

1. URL: add the URL for your marketplace and then add /webhooks/stripe_connect at the end. For example,

2. Mode: choose 'Production'

3. Click on 'Select events' and then check the bo titled transfers.updated

4. Choose 'Create endpoint' when finished and your webhook will be created.