Configuring the Review System

The ratings and reviews system on Near Me allows your users to submit feedback on their experience with your marketplace. Specifically, vendors can submit ratings for their customers, and customers are able to rate the vendors as well as the service or product that they purchased. Users are prompted to submit reviews via email alerts that are sent out after the reservation has taken place. Users are also able to see the reviews that they have submitted or that have been submitted for them in two separate places:

  1. The vendor dashboard: At the top of your screen, select your name and then "Account". On the left, if the ratings system is turned on by the MPO, you can see reviews that you have submitted by selecting "Reviews" near the top
  2. The profile page: Ratings that have been submitted for a user are viewable from that user's profile page, under the 'reviews' tab

Turning on and Configuring Reviews

To turn on the rating system:

1) Log in to your admin dashboard, and navigate to Manage > Reviews. From this page, you can see a table of all reviews that have been submitted on your marketplace. Above that are options for searching and filtering, as well as the ability to download all review data as a csv. To see more filter options, select 'More Filters' 

2) To configure the rating system, select 'settings' near the top of the page 

From here, you can turn the entire rating system on by selecting the checkbox for each transactable type that you have set (by default, you only have one). You also have the option to decide whether reviews and ratings should be surfaced for your users if no ratings have been submitted. If this is selected, rating data will only show on a user's profile page, for instance, if that user has actually been reviewed and rated by someone else.

Once you turn the rating system on for a specific transactable type, you will see that three sections appear: one for the vendor (labeled Host), one for the customer (labeled Guest), and one for the product or service. For each of these, you can define the anchor text for each star rating (i.e. 5 stars = 'Exellent!' and 1 star = 'Terrible!') as well as up to 5 additional questions for users to rate. To turn off the ratings system for a specific type of user (for example, if you did not want guests to be rated), you can simple unselect the tick box for the corresponding section on this page. 

Once you have defined your ratings system, don't forget to scroll to the bottom of the page and select 'save'. Your rating emails will automatically begin going out when users transact on your marketplace.

Reviews translations

To edit the text shown under the user dash for reviews, use the following text translations:1.) '' (Leave)
then comes "product" or "buyer" etc.2.) '' (Feedback)