Custom Attributes on Search

In this article you will learn:
How to allow users to search by specific custom attributes
You may find that you want to specify which of your custom attributes is searchable as a filter on your results page. For instance, administrators often want to remove the 'listing type' filter from their results after configuring more advanced categories and using those as filters instead.
To customize the attributes that are present on your search results page, do the following:

1) Log into your admin dashboard, and navigate to Manage > Service Types > Custom Attributes

2) Here you will see a list of custom attributes that can be opened up to search.
This will show on the front of the marketplace here:
 Note that if you have any customizations that rely on these attributes (for example, links on the homepage that point to searches for specific listing types), these may be affected, so be cautious when removing entire filters from your results page