Liquid Search Tags for Product and Service Types

This quick video gives an overview of the new liquidSearch Tags you can use:

This article will have further updates soon, as we are enhancing this feature further.

User can use following tags:

For search box:

{{ transactable_types_names | search_box_for: additional_class_name, inputs_to_show }}

  • transactable_types_names - TT names separated by ',' TTs are displayed in the same order as provided
    additional_class_name - html class name
  • inputs_to_show - user can define what inputs he wants to show. If for ex. TT has datepickers enabled but user don't want to show them in some places he can disable them thanks to that. If not provided search_box will display inputs based on TT search settings {{ transactable_type_name | search_button_for: additional_class_name }} TT picker is displayed depending on transactable_types_names count. Valid values: geolocation, fulltext, categories, datepickers (divided by comma) Examples: {{ 'Desk' | search_box_for: 'extra-class', 'geolocation,fulltext'}} {{ 'Bikes, Desk' | search_box_for }}

For search_button:

{{ transactable_type_name | search_button_for: additional_class_name }}

  • transactable_type_name - TT name.
  • additional_class_name - html class name Examples: {{ 'Bikes' | search_button_for: 'extra-class-button'}}

Example code from screencast:

{{ 'Desk' | search_box_for: 'only-desk', 'geolocation,fulltext' }}
{{ 'Bike,Desk' | search_box_for }}
{{ 'Bike' | search_button_for: 'button-for-bikes' }}