Service Types - Custom Attributes


Here is a brief video going over Service Types. You can also see more detail below.

A Service Type is any item that can be rented or listed on a Near Me marketplace. This may be a service or a good, and is generally going to be the primary 'thing' that is transacted.

Near Me gives you full access to manage the attributes for these services. Examples of attributes may include the service name, description, type, and more. For a full list of the attributes that come with your marketplace by default, navigate to Manage > Service Types:


You may find that you want to create a new attribute. One purpose for creating new attributes is to build out your listing form with custom fields, so that you can specify the information that is included when your users list.To create a new attribute:

  1. First navigate to Manage > Service Types > Custom Attributes and select 'Add Attribute'
  2. On the following form, there are 4 required fields:
    1. Name: This is the name of the attribute, but importantly, will never be surfaced for any users and is used only for our system on the backend. This needs to be entered in 'snake case', which means all characters should be lower case, and words separated with an underscore (e.g. 'new_attribute')
    2. Label: This is the label for the field that you are creating, which WILL be surfaced to users, so you can format this however you would like.
    3. Attribute Type: This is the type of data that your new attribute will accept - e.g. integer (numbers), string (characters), time etc.
    4. HTML tag: This is used to specify the type of field that is being created - e.g. free input, dropdown (select), multi-select checkboxes (checkbox list) etc
  3. Once you have completed this form, click 'save' and your new attribute will be created.