Shipping Profiles

When users list a new product type on your marketplace, they are required to select a shipping profile. Shipping information is necessary for product types (buy/sell marketplaces), and your users will not be able to purchase listings that do not have shipping profiles.

A shipping profile is a set of information that specifies rules for the shipping process - such as processing time, shipping cost and locations that products can be shipped to. This gives your users, and yourself as an administrator, a lot of flexibility when it comes to defining how much it should cost and how much time it will take to ship to specific regions all over the world.

To make for a simpler user experience, marketplace administrators can create shipping profiles for users, which are then offered as options in the listing form. Vendors can then choose from this default list, or define their own shipping profile.

To create a shipping profile as an administrator:
1) Log in to your admin dashboard, and navigate to Shipping Options > Shipping Profiles

2) You should see an option to "Create New Shipping Profile" - click this link, and a window will appear. 
3) In this popup, you will be asked to name your shipping profile, and define it's characteristics. Specifically:
  1. The name of the rule that you are creating (you can create multiple rules for each shipping profile)
  2. The processing time
  3. The shipping cost
  4. The country or region that this shipping profile includesHere you can see, we have a shipping profile named '2 Day Shipping', and two rules for this profile. The first rules is for US based shipping, for which we have specified a processing time of 2 days and a shipping cost of $10.00. The second rule is for Canada based shipping, and specifies a 2 day processing time with a $15.00 cost. 

4) Don't forget to click 'save' when finished defining your shipping profile.

Now, when your users list their product on your marketplace, they will be able to select this predefined shipping profile, or create their own, which is accomplished in exactly the same way as you have done it in your admin dashboard.