Dimension Templates

Shipping is an important part of setting up a buy/sell marketplace with product types. It is also important to ensure a seamless user experience for your vendors, as they will need as much information as they can get to properly ship their goods.

When a product is shipped, the dimensions of this package need to be specified. Your vendors should have the ability to customize the specifications with regard to dimensions for their products via their listing form, however this can be a tedious process to go through for every item that the user is selling. As a marketplace administrator, you can predefine a set of dimension templates that your users can select when creating/editing their listings, which will reduce the amount of manual configuration they have to do to.

To get started with dimension templates:
1) Log in to your admin dashboard and navigate to Shipping Options > Dimension Templates
2) If this is the first time you are creating a dimension template, the list on this page should be blank. Click on 'Add New Dimension Template' in the top right 

3) Here, you can specify:
  • The template name - give your template a name that users can easily understand
  • Units of Measure - will you be using the imperial or metric system to define your dimension template?
  • Weight
  • Height
  • Width
  • Depth
  • Use as default

If you select the last option (i.e. 'Use as default'), all new listings will have this dimension template applied unless otherwise specified by the vendor. Note also that the weight, height, width and depth specifications are meant to be estimations, and it would be near impossible to account for all possible package dimensions. These are simply meant to account for the average item that is shipped on your marketplace. 

When finished, don't forget to click 'Add' in the top right.